Jane Turns 5!


Our wonderful little Jane is now five years old!


Jane is an absolute sweetheart. She is a little people pleaser and wants to make everyone happy. She LOVES each member of her family. She has deep and strong bonds for the people closest to her.


Jane is as social as they come. She always wants to be around others, and doesn’t enjoy time spent alone. She makes friends easily and is a very kind and giving companion. In the past little while she and her little brother have become WONDERFUL playmates. It is so fun to watch them play and imagine together.


While Jane is not the best eater, fruits and veggies are at the top of her favorite foods. She is tall and thin but strong and healthy. She is active. She doesn’t like to sit around and watch movies or tv. She likes to be playing and moving and running about.


Jane has been doing the UPSTART preschool program this fall. At first it was a challenge to motivate her to do her work, but lately she has been really been enjoying it. She is reading more and more and will point out words she recognizes when we are out and about. She loves to write letters more than anything else. She loves to draw pictures and label what she has drawn. She is very smart and is learning more and more each day.


Jane has a tender little heart and she can get down on herself quite easily. I hope with time she sees how absolutely wonderful she is in every way.

We had a little party for Jane in Las Vegas. We had cake and ice cream and pizza and presents. Jane had a wonderful time surrounded by those she loves most.




Every day with Jane is a joy. She is so fun and spunky and sweet and sassy. She makes my mama heart so happy and I love her so much. Happy birthday to my sweet rainbow baby.



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