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The Provo City Center Temple


I can’t even begin to express how devastated I was when the Provo Tabernacle burned down. That building had such special meaning for our family. I remember attending a choir concert of Adam’s after his mission and before we had decided to start dating again. We had decided before his mission that we wouldn’t plan on dating after his mission and definitely didn’t see marriage in our future. Sitting in the tabernacle that evening, I remember feeling so sad that we had come to that decision and wished there was a future for us. We had both grown and changed so much since his pre-mission days, little did I know that he was having the same thoughts as I was having. That choir concert in the tabernacle was the start of a renewed relationship that turned into something very very wonderful ;).

After we were married, Adam and I attended Stake Conferences in the tabernacle. I have never been in a ward choir let alone a stake choir, but one stake conference season I decided to join the stake choir. I will never forget sitting up in the choir sits looking out at the rest of the congregation in that beautiful building. I am not sure why I decided to be a part of the choir then and never before or never again, but it is an experience I will never forget. Even little Megan remembers attending conference there, and climbing up and down the spiral staircases.

Perhaps the most special memory I have of the Provo Tabernacle was with Megan. Megan has what is called a pragmatic language delay. While she takes in everything she hears and reads like a sponge, she has extreme difficulty sharing the thoughts in her head. With age and experience it has become easier, but communication is still a struggle for her. Communication was especially difficult during her preschool years. But I’ll never forget the very first time she had a unique thought, and was able to share it with no problem. We had just recently returned to Provo and she had barely turned 4. She and I were in the car together. We drove past the beautiful Provo Tabernacle and she looked out the window and exclaimed, Look! A temple!” This was such a breakthrough for her!! With happy tears in my eyes I told her it was the tabernacle and not a temple but that it was indeed a beautiful and special place.

Today the tabernacle IS a temple! When the announcement was made, I was so overcome with emotion. My devastation at the loss of the tabernacle was nothing compared to my joy at its rebirth. When the announcement was made, our future was very very unknown. I prayed regularly that we might stay in Provo if only long enough to see the temple to completion. My prayer was granted. We were able to not only attend the open house more than once, we were able to volunteer at the open house, Megan and I were able to attend a special bridal room tour, Adam and I were able to attend the actual dedication IN the temple and I was also able to do a session in the brand new Provo City Center temple before we left Provo. Also, my uncle Bob painted the murals inside the temple ceremony rooms. Adam was able to come and have some conversations with him while he painted about the astronomy aspects of the paintings. That was a wonderful experience for Adam.

IMG_d95d0aaf-68e0-4440-82db-4dacb79a4d07We took our family through the Open House the very first day it started. We were THAT excited!


Our family outside the temple after going through the Open House


My mom and my sister Sarah and he family came from Las Vegas for the Open House


My little group. Megan at school and Adam at work.


Our tickets for the Young Women’s (ages 8-18) Tour


Megan and I after the Bridal Room tour. Megan LOVED it.


The rest of the YW from our ward.


Adam and I were thrilled to be able to receive tickets to attend the dedication in the temple.

20160320_163348 Aunt Janice, and I after the dedication. Uncle Bob wasn’t able to be there because he was too ill, but he was definitely there in spirit.

I am so grateful we have temples. I am so grateful I was able to have so many experiences with this new Provo City Center Temple. No matter where I go, it will always be my temple.


Alec has Surgery…AGAIN


In November Alec had his 6 month post ear tubes check-up. They checked his ears and tubes and everything looked good and tubes were working.

Not too long after, in December, Alec woke up screaming and crying in the night. We comforted him back to sleep but the next morning he was saying “ow” and touching his ear.20151210_083146I called and made an appointment for him to be seen. Turned out not only did he have an ear infection, but one of his tubes was also starting to come out. They prescribed antibiotics and told us we would need surgery to replace the ear tube after the new year.


We started the antibiotics, but he continued to complain of pain off and on. They wanted him to finish the entire 10 days, so we headed out to Vegas for Christmas Vacation. Alec was generally happy and had a good holiday, but it was obvious he was often in pain and uncomfortable. As soon as we got back to Utah we got him right back in to his doctor.


Both tubes were trying to pop out but were stuck in his ear. He had a massive infection and needed double surgery ASAP. He needed the ear tubes replaced and also his adenoids removed. His audiologist said an adult in his condition would be totally out of commission due to pain. He had many symptoms pointing to enlarged adenoids which can cause ear and speech problems.


It might be hard to see, but this picture is of the inside of Alec’s ear. The ear tube is stuck in place and the inner ear is all red and built up with a massive infection.

We scheduled the surgery for the very next week (January 5th.) It was Alec’s 5th and 6th procedure and 4th time being put under general anesthesia. We were super hopeful that this would be the fix we finally needed to help with speech and ear problems.

The surgery was first thing in the morning which was nice since Alec couldn’t eat before hand. They allowed me to bring Charlotte with us which was a huge blessing since she would need to nurse AND Adam had work. Adam was able to take Megan to school and Jane went to a neighbor. Everything went so smooth…a million times smoother than last time.

Alec did well waiting beforehand. We watched TV and just hung out. They came in with a liquid sedative about 30 minutes before they took him back. He drank the entire thing for the first time. He wavered between super silly and super checked out, and he didn’t complain at all when they took him away from me.

Charlotte and I waited for him for about an hour. They came in and told me everything went well. He was SUPER GRUMPY coming out of anesthesia and it was a little difficult to comfort him while attending to Charlotte. The nurses were as helpful as possible and we were out of there pretty quick. I brought him a couple new toys which he held onto tight. I was trying to carry both him and Charlotte as I made my way out to the car and it was really hard. Alec refused a wheelchair. A sweet older woman offered to carry Charlotte to the car for me. I am grateful for her kindness.

We stopped by 7-11 on the way home and grabbed Alec a Slurpee which he refused. I got him home and laid him on the couch and he was out in seconds. When he woke up he was feeling SO MUCH BETTER. He chugged his Slurpee, was his old self again, and never looked back.




Since his surgery he has been so much better! He hasn’t complained of ear pain and his speech is FINALLY taking off! This was a long road to hoe but I think we made it! The surgeon said his adenoids were HUGE. Size 4+ which is as big as they get. I am so happy that we figured things out and I hope my sweet boy is so much happier from here on out.

New Years 2016


In March we found out that Adam wasn’t getting the job we really really *really* wanted. That moment definitely ranks up there as one of the most devastating moments of my life. Pretty much the rest of 2015 was spent with me worrying and wondering what our future held while also trying really hard to trust that things would work out for our family. 2016 is now upon us and we’ve got a number of irons in the fire, but our future is still unclear. I know big changes are upon us and I’m confident that there are good things to come. I know some scoff at new year’s resolutions. But I see the new year as an opportunity for me to brush myself off and clean myself up and to try harder to do the things I need to be doing to be worthy of the blessings I’m seeking for my family. I’m anxious for many of my dreams to come true this new year. From Sweet Charlotte (who is definitely the best thing to happen to the entire world in 2015) and me, Happy New Year to all my friends and family..