New Years 2016


In March we found out that Adam wasn’t getting the job we really really *really* wanted. That moment definitely ranks up there as one of the most devastating moments of my life. Pretty much the rest of 2015 was spent with me worrying and wondering what our future held while also trying really hard to trust that things would work out for our family. 2016 is now upon us and we’ve got a number of irons in the fire, but our future is still unclear. I know big changes are upon us and I’m confident that there are good things to come. I know some scoff at new year’s resolutions. But I see the new year as an opportunity for me to brush myself off and clean myself up and to try harder to do the things I need to be doing to be worthy of the blessings I’m seeking for my family. I’m anxious for many of my dreams to come true this new year. From Sweet Charlotte (who is definitely the best thing to happen to the entire world in 2015) and me, Happy New Year to all my friends and family..



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