Fairy Tea Party 2016


We were able to attend the Fairy Tea Party at the Provo City Library again this year. The girls were so looking forward to it and had a great time.

Adam went early in the morning to stand in line for tickets. If you recall my post from our first Fairy Tea Party, it was a miracle we got tickets at all last year. We were ready this year and were able to get tickets without a problem. We bought a couple extra tickets in case my nieces wanted to come again. They weren’t able to come, so my neighbor and her daughter came along with us.

Lucky for me, the dresses the girls wore last year still fit, and they were excited to wear them again. Pretty Jane was especially excited.

Megan was torn between being too “grown up” for the fairy party and still wanting to go. She decided to go and had an okay time. She is growing up too fast.

Fairy mama with her fairy girls
Jane hurrying to the party.
Megan looking over the program and the menu.
Jane enjoying the dance part of the program.
One of the lovely fairy ballerinas.
All the children received a colored fairy coin from the king that they get to exchange for a book.


Jane and Megan and Gabi.
The girls meeting the King and the rest of the fairy royalty.
The girls with the fairy dancers.

The Fairy Tea is always such a fun activity to do with the girls. It’s nice to dress up and sneak away for a couple hours. I sure love my beautiful, beautiful girls.



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