Alec turns 3


There are not enough good things in the whole entire world that could be said about my sweet Alec. He is such a wonderful little boy. He is happy and gentle and sweet and loving. He has gone through a handful of difficult things in his short little life. My heart aches for his struggles and hardships. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for his every happiness. He holds my whole heart in his tiny little hands. Little boys do not come any better than this one.


We started Alec’s birthday with birthday donuts and gifts. Then there was a ward Easter activity (which I will include on the Easter post.) Adam also took Alec and Jane and Megan swimming at the rec center. That evening we had cake and ice cream and just spent the entire day celebrating as a family.

Alec had been asking about his birthday for months and had a truly wonderful day. Not only did Alec totally skip over the “terrible twos” but he is also the most terrific three year old ever! We love you Alec!



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