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Tumbling Tots



While the girls did soccer, we signed Alec up for tumbling tots. He had so much fun! He really is very athletic and SO coordinated! Provo Parks and Rec has some really great instructors. Charlotte and I loved watching him!


Alec has such a fun personality. He is so sweet and happy and loves to have fun. This was one of my favorite moments of tumbling tots and I am so glad I caught it on video. I love this boy!


Delta State University


I am so behind on my blog. Almost a year now. I would really like to catch up but it seems such a daunting task.

In 2015, Adam applied for a full time position as assistant professor at Utah Valley University. He was working full time already as a lecturer, and a professor position was all that we had hoped for. He ended up being one of the top candidates for the job, but the department ended up choosing a different person. The head of the department told Adam that what it really came down to was research and the fact that he didn’t have a post doc. He also expressed that it was pretty remarkable that he was so seriously considered even without the necessary experience.

We became quite concerned about finding full time employment and quite disheartened that we weren’t going to be able to stay in Utah and at UVU. It really had been something we wanted. Not long after we got word that Adam wouldn’t get the position, the department told Adam that the person who had accepted the job wouldn’t be able to start for a year, and asked if Adam would be interested in a one year contract. Adam accepted and continued to apply for other jobs and post doc positions.

Throughout the next year Adam worked hard at UVU and applied for many positions all over the U.S. He had many phone and conference interviews and onsite interviews. One university was in Mississippi, and was in fact our last choice. But when Adam came out to the onsite interview at Delta State, he felt very assured that Mississippi was where we were supposed to go. It felt different than the other places he had been and he felt like he could make a big difference there.

In late March of 2016, Adam was offered a position at Delta State University. In addition to being an assistant professor, he would also be the director of the university’s newly renovated state of the art planetarium. We knew it was the right place for us and accepted immediately. On April 1st, we announced to our friends and families that we would be moving to Cleveland, Mississippi.

I can’t deny that I was pretty broken-hearted to be leaving Utah and the West in general. Mississippi was so far away and we knew nothing about life there. But we were excited and so grateful that future employment was secured. I’m writing this post almost exactly 1 year after our decision to move to Mississippi. I am anxious to update the blog soon and share more about our life out in the South.