Monthly Archives: June 2016

Double Digits! Woohoo!


Megan is TEN!!

How lucky Megan was to be able to celebrate her tenth birthday in Las Vegas with so many family members who love her so much!

For her party, she wanted to have a game night with her cousins. They had a great time playing a handful of board games. Megan LOVES board games. She also LOVES to read. Loves spending time with her cousins. Loves music. And loves doing her own thing. She is special and wonderful and awesome. We missed daddy on her special day but he’s working hard in Mississippi and making final arrangements for our new house.


This girl struggles with more than her fair share of difficulties. She is so young, yet her life is so hard. I know she understands some things better than others, but if there is only one thing that she really truly gets, I hope it’s how very much I love her. She has grown and changed so much over these past 10 years. I can’t wait to see who she will continue to become.




Our Baby is 1!!




Charlotte celebrated her first birthday surrounded by lots of family who love her so much!


Charlotte is sweet and smart and such a joy to be around. She just brings so much happiness to all who are around her. She still nurses on demand and nurses several times in the night. She is an avid crawler and cruiser and only has a tiny interest in walking. She loves to get into everything and especially loves being outside.


Adam missed his baby girl on her first birthday but they had a great time facetiming and he sent her a sweet birthday gift. We are anxious to be together again soon!


I took a picture of Charlotte every single day for her first year of life. Here is a collage with all the pictures.


And here is her monthly growth! She is just too cute and wonderful and we are so happy to have her in our family.