Monthly Archives: August 2016

Uncle Bob


My dear wonderful sweet Uncle Bob passed away on August 20th. His health had been deteriorating for quite some time but it was still heartbreaking to get the news. I was so sad that I wouldn’t be able to be in Utah for his funeral. It was a very hard decision to make that the timing wouldn’t work out. I would have loved to have been there.


Together we toured London and Paris. We sat on the steps of our flat and discussed art and life; in that order. But my most favorite memory of my Uncle Bob was far from the beauty of Europe. It was in 2014 when he was in the hospital recovering from a serious surgery. He wasn’t supposed to make it. The first night I went to visit him, he couldn’t speak. I’m not sure he knew who I was. He drifted in and out of consciousness. The next night I came again and he was awake. He was smiling and chatting. They brought in his dinner but he didn’t have the strength to eat it. So I sat by his side and spoon fed him soup and a chocolate shake (he much preferred the later.) I was humbled by the opportunity I had to serve this powerful, spiritual giant of man. He has left behind a wonderful legacy in his art and in his children. He will greatly be missed by his sweetheart and all those who love him. My heart hurts that I won’t see him again in this lifetime, but it’s difficult not to envy his return to the other side and the wonderful reception he will be met with there. I am honored to be his niece and love him dearly. Until we meet again.


First Day of School in Mississippi!


Exactly one week after we moved into our new home, the girls had their first day of school! The school year begins pretty early in MS, and we felt very blessed that the timing of our move meant the girls wouldn’t have to miss any of the first days of school.


My sweet wonderful Jane is off to Kindergarten! It is all day Kinder here and she is nervous and excited and is going to ROCK!


Jane’s teacher was just as southern and sweet as can be. She is going to LOVE Jane.


Megan is heading into 5th grade!


She was doing Chinese Immersion in Utah, but that is not an option here. She will miss Chinese, but is okay with moving on to a new school with new opportunities. Her teacher is also as sweet as they come. She is going to be thrilled to have our sweet smartie pants in her class!


Our house is just around the corner from the girls school and we are so glad we can walk each day. We feel like we were so blessed to find the home we found! We are loving it!


Here’s to a great school year! I love these precious girls and know they will do great things!