Charlotte Starts Nursery



Charlotte turned 18 months old on December 17th which means she is officially nursery age at church. She is such a doll face and she will love having a class of her own. I know she’ll need mom and dad’s help making the transition…since all of my children have…but we don’t mind since she is our baby.

20170115_085439Our ward called two new nursery leaders right when Charlotte turned 18 months. I know they will love Charlotte so much. One of them is a convert of about 12 years and she has never had a calling before and she is so excited and LOVES the babies. I love the church members here in Mississippi and I can’t imagine never have met them or knowing them.20170129_102456

Charlotte is the cutest little spitfire in the whole wide world, and while her nursery leaders only have just one child to tend, she will certainly keep them on their toes.





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  1. She was when she turned 18 months (I am trying desperately to catch up with my blog so this post is from December 2016!!) Another child joined her in nursery in August (2017) so she was the only child for a little over 6 months! They have been the only two since and will be the only two until Charlotte leaves nursery!!

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