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Alec Turns 4!


Our little Alec is FOUR!!!

Alec is such a good boy. He is sweet and obedient and loving and sensitive and funny and content. He is so so so cute. He is such an easy child to love. He and his sister Jane play SO WELL together. They really are BEST FRIENDS. He and little Charlotte play well together too and I think they will only get to be better and better buddies in time. And yesterday he was doing something on the computer with Megan and they were both loving it so much. He just gets along so well with everyone in the family. He doesn’t cry much or whine or complain. He just bounces along so happy and so easy-going. Adam and I are just crazy about him. I feel pretty certain that no mom loves her little boy more than I do him.

His birthday was on a Sunday this year so we did gifts and our little family party on Saturday. We got him several outside toys so we can enjoy our backyard more, some clothes, video games, and Plants vs. Zombies figures. He also got a new nightlight for his room that projects the planets and sun on the ceiling and he immediately started referring to his room as “the planetarium.”

We played and played all day on his birthday and then the next day after church and dinner we did cake. He wanted a Plants vs. Zombies cake so we tucked away a few new figures to surprise him with on his cake. He loved it and was so sweet and excited.

4 is a pretty awesome age and Alec is a pretty awesome boy. We are so so so glad he is in our family. We cannot imagine life without him!!!