Tumbling Tots



While the girls did soccer, we signed Alec up for tumbling tots. He had so much fun! He really is very athletic and SO coordinated! Provo Parks and Rec has some really great instructors. Charlotte and I loved watching him!


Alec has such a fun personality. He is so sweet and happy and loves to have fun. This was one of my favorite moments of tumbling tots and I am so glad I caught it on video. I love this boy!



Delta State University


I am so behind on my blog. Almost a year now. I would really like to catch up but it seems such a daunting task.

In 2015, Adam applied for a full time position as assistant professor at Utah Valley University. He was working full time already as a lecturer, and a professor position was all that we had hoped for. He ended up being one of the top candidates for the job, but the department ended up choosing a different person. The head of the department told Adam that what it really came down to was research and the fact that he didn’t have a post doc. He also expressed that it was pretty remarkable that he was so seriously considered even without the necessary experience.

We became quite concerned about finding full time employment and quite disheartened that we weren’t going to be able to stay in Utah and at UVU. It really had been something we wanted. Not long after we got word that Adam wouldn’t get the position, the department told Adam that the person who had accepted the job wouldn’t be able to start for a year, and asked if Adam would be interested in a one year contract. Adam accepted and continued to apply for other jobs and post doc positions.

Throughout the next year Adam worked hard at UVU and applied for many positions all over the U.S. He had many phone and conference interviews and onsite interviews. One university was in Mississippi, and was in fact our last choice. But when Adam came out to the onsite interview at Delta State, he felt very assured that Mississippi was where we were supposed to go. It felt different than the other places he had been and he felt like he could make a big difference there.

In late March of 2016, Adam was offered a position at Delta State University. In addition to being an assistant professor, he would also be the director of the university’s newly renovated state of the art planetarium. We knew it was the right place for us and accepted immediately. On April 1st, we announced to our friends and families that we would be moving to Cleveland, Mississippi.

I can’t deny that I was pretty broken-hearted to be leaving Utah and the West in general. Mississippi was so far away and we knew nothing about life there. But we were excited and so grateful that future employment was secured. I’m writing this post almost exactly 1 year after our decision to move to Mississippi. I am anxious to update the blog soon and share more about our life out in the South.

Soccer Season 2016


This year we had both Megan and Jane in soccer. They are totally in it only for the fun of being part of a team and getting out and being active, but they have great attitudes and totally love it.

Megan’s team was green this year and was made up of several girls she had played with before and a coach we had worked with before. She had a great season and was so supportive of her teammates. She sure tries hard and works her hardest.

Jane’s team was black and Jane was one of only 2 girls. She had so much fun and always had a smile on her face. She LOVED being a part of a team. She was happy and positive and always moving. It was a great 1st season for her.

These girls couldn’t be more different but they sure love each other and are very supportive. Great job on a great season girls!

Easter 2016


Our Easter holiday started with a ward Easter activity at the park. There was a message about Easter and then an egg hunt. Adam took the three big kids and they had a great time.easter.jpg

While Adam and the big kids were gone, Charlotte and I had a little Easter photo shoot. This girl is so cute and perfect!

_mg_6361Easter morning the children woke up to our traditional jelly bean trail. As a child I remember getting lots of fun wonderful Easter surprises in my basket. I have carried on the same tradition with my children.

2016-03-26-004img_6496img_6484Alec wasn’t sure what to think when he woke up to a trail of candy. But he caught on quick and had a great Easter morning!

No jelly bean trail for Charlie, but she was pleased with her treasures as well.


Next we donned our most Easter-y Sunday best and headed out to church. Partaking of the sacrament, renewing our covenants, and speaking of the Savior and his infinite atonement is always the most wonderful and most important part of Easter.


After church we dyed Easter eggs and had a little Easter hunt of our own in our home. It was a wonderful holiday.


As always, we missed our little Jack. Because He lives, one day we will be together forever and ever.

Alec turns 3


There are not enough good things in the whole entire world that could be said about my sweet Alec. He is such a wonderful little boy. He is happy and gentle and sweet and loving. He has gone through a handful of difficult things in his short little life. My heart aches for his struggles and hardships. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for his every happiness. He holds my whole heart in his tiny little hands. Little boys do not come any better than this one.


We started Alec’s birthday with birthday donuts and gifts. Then there was a ward Easter activity (which I will include on the Easter post.) Adam also took Alec and Jane and Megan swimming at the rec center. That evening we had cake and ice cream and just spent the entire day celebrating as a family.

Alec had been asking about his birthday for months and had a truly wonderful day. Not only did Alec totally skip over the “terrible twos” but he is also the most terrific three year old ever! We love you Alec!


Fairy Tea Party 2016


We were able to attend the Fairy Tea Party at the Provo City Library again this year. The girls were so looking forward to it and had a great time.

Adam went early in the morning to stand in line for tickets. If you recall my post from our first Fairy Tea Party, it was a miracle we got tickets at all last year. We were ready this year and were able to get tickets without a problem. We bought a couple extra tickets in case my nieces wanted to come again. They weren’t able to come, so my neighbor and her daughter came along with us.

Lucky for me, the dresses the girls wore last year still fit, and they were excited to wear them again. Pretty Jane was especially excited.

Megan was torn between being too “grown up” for the fairy party and still wanting to go. She decided to go and had an okay time. She is growing up too fast.

Fairy mama with her fairy girls
Jane hurrying to the party.
Megan looking over the program and the menu.
Jane enjoying the dance part of the program.
One of the lovely fairy ballerinas.
All the children received a colored fairy coin from the king that they get to exchange for a book.


Jane and Megan and Gabi.
The girls meeting the King and the rest of the fairy royalty.
The girls with the fairy dancers.

The Fairy Tea is always such a fun activity to do with the girls. It’s nice to dress up and sneak away for a couple hours. I sure love my beautiful, beautiful girls.


The Provo City Center Temple


I can’t even begin to express how devastated I was when the Provo Tabernacle burned down. That building had such special meaning for our family. I remember attending a choir concert of Adam’s after his mission and before we had decided to start dating again. We had decided before his mission that we wouldn’t plan on dating after his mission and definitely didn’t see marriage in our future. Sitting in the tabernacle that evening, I remember feeling so sad that we had come to that decision and wished there was a future for us. We had both grown and changed so much since his pre-mission days, little did I know that he was having the same thoughts as I was having. That choir concert in the tabernacle was the start of a renewed relationship that turned into something very very wonderful ;).

After we were married, Adam and I attended Stake Conferences in the tabernacle. I have never been in a ward choir let alone a stake choir, but one stake conference season I decided to join the stake choir. I will never forget sitting up in the choir sits looking out at the rest of the congregation in that beautiful building. I am not sure why I decided to be a part of the choir then and never before or never again, but it is an experience I will never forget. Even little Megan remembers attending conference there, and climbing up and down the spiral staircases.

Perhaps the most special memory I have of the Provo Tabernacle was with Megan. Megan has what is called a pragmatic language delay. While she takes in everything she hears and reads like a sponge, she has extreme difficulty sharing the thoughts in her head. With age and experience it has become easier, but communication is still a struggle for her. Communication was especially difficult during her preschool years. But I’ll never forget the very first time she had a unique thought, and was able to share it with no problem. We had just recently returned to Provo and she had barely turned 4. She and I were in the car together. We drove past the beautiful Provo Tabernacle and she looked out the window and exclaimed, Look! A temple!” This was such a breakthrough for her!! With happy tears in my eyes I told her it was the tabernacle and not a temple but that it was indeed a beautiful and special place.

Today the tabernacle IS a temple! When the announcement was made, I was so overcome with emotion. My devastation at the loss of the tabernacle was nothing compared to my joy at its rebirth. When the announcement was made, our future was very very unknown. I prayed regularly that we might stay in Provo if only long enough to see the temple to completion. My prayer was granted. We were able to not only attend the open house more than once, we were able to volunteer at the open house, Megan and I were able to attend a special bridal room tour, Adam and I were able to attend the actual dedication IN the temple and I was also able to do a session in the brand new Provo City Center temple before we left Provo. Also, my uncle Bob painted the murals inside the temple ceremony rooms. Adam was able to come and have some conversations with him while he painted about the astronomy aspects of the paintings. That was a wonderful experience for Adam.

IMG_d95d0aaf-68e0-4440-82db-4dacb79a4d07We took our family through the Open House the very first day it started. We were THAT excited!


Our family outside the temple after going through the Open House


My mom and my sister Sarah and he family came from Las Vegas for the Open House


My little group. Megan at school and Adam at work.


Our tickets for the Young Women’s (ages 8-18) Tour


Megan and I after the Bridal Room tour. Megan LOVED it.


The rest of the YW from our ward.


Adam and I were thrilled to be able to receive tickets to attend the dedication in the temple.

20160320_163348 Aunt Janice, and I after the dedication. Uncle Bob wasn’t able to be there because he was too ill, but he was definitely there in spirit.

I am so grateful we have temples. I am so grateful I was able to have so many experiences with this new Provo City Center Temple. No matter where I go, it will always be my temple.