Monthly Archives: October 2012

Halloween 2012


This Halloween my girls were a magician and her rabbit.  They were sure cute!

On Halloween Day, Megan had a parade at school.  There were so many cute and fun costumes.  Of course, my little magician was the cutest!!!

Jane was not a huge fan of her costume, especially the rabbit head, but she LOVED trick or treating!  The girls had such a good time going from house to house with their Kelley cousins.  Megan was finished long before Jane was.  Jane could have gone all night LONG!

She didn’t even eat that much candy, and she was in such a good mood at bedtime.  Halloween is definitely a fun holiday as a parent.

Carving Pumpkins 2012


Megan was pretty stoked to carve pumpkins this year.  She picked out three pumpkins for us, and told me just how to carve out each face.

Megan with the pumpkins she picked


Jane inspecting our de-gutting

Jane kept eaing the raw pumpkin. It’s not bad for her…right???

My happy little helpers


The finished results as designed by Megan. I just drilled holes in the little one. It looked pretty fun all lit up. I think I will be doing that again next year.  This photo was taken a few days after we carved the pumpkins; the season’s first snow fall arrived before Halloween!