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Retrospect SLASH Prospect


When I was 32 weeks pregnant with Megan, I had to spend the night in the hospital because I was having contractions every 1-4 minutes. Turns out I was dehydrated, but while there, they took a limited ultrasound to make sure everything was okay with the baby. At one point, the technician said “Wow, looks like your baby has some hair.” I was surprised that they could tell that from the ultrasound, but I was not surprised 9 weeks later when Megan was born with a head FULL of light brown hair.

I can’t even tell you how many comments I got to the effect of: “she looks JUST like you”. I loved to hear that! I was always so flattered because she was SO beautiful. I relished every mention of how she was my carbon copy. The picture on the left here is Megan. Below on the right is me.

Lately I have spent a lot of time wondering what our baby boy will look like. I wouldn’t mind a sneak peak of him now…but don’t wish for the circumstances that would make that possible. I feel like I will be much more surprised this time around. Really that ultrasound at 32 weeks spoiled me. I guess I will just have to be patient (which does not come easily for me). I think that if I was having another girl, it would be easy to imagine her looking just like Megan. But since this is a little boy, my imagination is drawing somewhat of a blank. Ah well, we’ll see soon enough!!!!

Below is a picture of Megan the day she was born. I just love this picture of her. I remember the exact moment it was taken. Adam had left the hospital to go home and shower or something, and I was there alone with my Megan. Everything was calm and quiet, and I was supposed to be sleeping (since she was sleeping and we were both exhausted) but I just couldn’t get enough of her. Clearly you can see why.

The day my parents took newborn me home from the hospital, my dad said to my mom: “they don’t get any prettier than this.” I’m sorry dad, but I beg to differ. That comment won’t be true twice over after Baby Jack joins us. I already know that he is going to be SO beautiful!

What Adam Misses When He Is At School


Adam always calls me around “nap” time to ask about our morning. I haven’t heard from him yet today, so I am going to e-mail him this little visual of how we spent our morning.

After breakfast we played with Play-doh (a WONDERFUL alternative to sugar cookies: Megan LOVES it, and I don’t end up eating two dozen cookies!!!)

After Play-doh we went for a walk…

After our walk we played with the letters on the refrigerator…

Then Megan sang a few songs for me (here we have: “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do”) and played some lovely music on the piano.

Throw in snack time, jumping on the bed, and about two minutes worth of “Elmo’s World” (Megan only likes to watch the song at the beginning and then at the end), and that was our morning.

There you have it, daddy. We miss you and can’t wait until you get home!!!

Apparently, Megan Can Bounce


Our doctor told us to keep an eye on Megan this weekend and to call him if she wasn’t behaving like her “usual self”. I think it is safe to say that Megan has suffered no negative repercussions from her fall. Wish I could say the same for her mother. She is just as happy and sweet as ever. If not more so!! 🙂

This might embarrass Adam a little, but he coordinates his tie each Sunday (of his own doing) to match Megan. He waits until he sees what she is wearing before he picks his tie. I then try to match them both, but I only have so many choices right now since my wardrobe is limited to tents and moo moos. Probably no one really notices, but I think it’s just about the cutest thing.

Last, and certainly not least, I have less then 9 weeks before little turkey joins our family. Which means you all have less than 9 weeks until Thanksgiving Day. Good news ALL AROUND!!!

Hey and thanks to all for your nice comments about Megan’s ER trip. They were much needed!!!

Not the Best Day


Megan fell out of the shopping cart today at Target. I am not sure if I will ever get the image of her tumbling down to the ground out of my mind. She hit the back of her head – hard – on the tile and went unconscious.

Long story short: 911. Ambulance. Emergency Room. Cat-scan.

Everything turned out fine. Her cat-scan came back normal. We were really quite lucky in that she doesn’t have any bruises or swelling or bleeding or ANYTHING. She just got a bad bonk and I imagine one heck of a headache. Probably you’re not supossed to take the hospital gown. Oops.

Well, I guess it’s safe to say that the guilt I feel is pretty overwhelming (not to mention the embarrassment. Nothing draws a crowd like a mother yelling at her daughter to wake up). Oh and Adam is in paranoid mode 24/7. I got ahold of him right after his first class of the day. He came to the hospital right away without any plans of returning for the rest of his day. He wont leave his little girl’s side for anything. We were all spent by the day’s drama. Megan most of all. She crawled onto the bed with daddy, and they were out within minutes.

I guess it’s time for that Elmo purse.

Betty Crocker Style


Earlier this week I purchased alphabet shaped cookie cutters, so this afternoon Megan and I made sugar cookies together. While I was hoping that Megan would be content to just make a few words, I was very aware of the possibility that she would want to do every single letter. Things started off as planned. I asked her what word she would like to do, and she was all over that. We did “cow”, “ball”, “mat”, “Megan” and “up”. We had enough cookie dough for about three more letters, and sure enough, Megan said: “How ’bout ‘Z’?” I knew what was coming. We did “Z” then came the request for “Y”. After “Y”, we had enough dough to make a very skimpy “X” but that was it. We were both having such a good time that I didn’t want to tell Megan that we were out of dough….so I quickly whipped up a batch of deliciousness (flour, salt, and water) and we continued to work our way backwards (of course) through the rest of the alphabet.

When they were all done and cooled off, Megan wanted to play with the cookies. I wasn’t too hot on that idea, but I let her sit at the table with the word “cow”. Much to my surprise, she started to eat the “W”. She ate through the middle of it, and it broke in half. Needless to say she wasn’t too happy about that. She wanted me to make it a “W” again…luckily she was easily distracted as she bit into the letter “C”.

We had a really great time making the cookies together. At one point, Megan was holding the letter “M” and I said, “Is that an ‘M’ or a ‘W’?” Every few minutes after that comment, Megan would hold up either the “M” or the “W” and say, “Is it a ‘M’ or a ‘W’, mommy?” and then start laughing. I wish there was some way to make it a more regular activity…let me know if anyone has a delicious no sugar, no fat, no calorie cookie recipe (wait…I think that’s called water.)