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See ya next year!


     So this will probably be the last post for several weeks.  We are leaving for Vegas this week and we will be gone for 3 weeks.  So this is me wishing you a Merry Christmas 9 days in advance.  Feel free to come back on Christmas day.  In such case, Merry Christmas: today!  Below are some of our Christmas pictures: 


 029.jpg    066.jpg


  Megan has really given us a run for the money this week.  She is SUCH the little trouble maker – but in a sweet and funny kind of way.  This week alone she has: climbed out of her crib, colored with crayons on the wall, crawled/fallen out of her high chair, and to top it all off: skipped her nap 5 days in a row.  It is so hard to describe her little personality.  I wish I knew what went on in that little brain of hers.  She is just so fun.

   So Adam and I planned on leaving Meg with a sitter and going to a party on Friday night.  Yeah well – no such luck.  I was on my way to pick up the sitter (she lives in another town and I didn’t know that until the Friday afternoon) and while on the highway, I realized I was going the wrong way and got frazzled and veered off the side of the road into A LOT of snow.  Luckily, I was not going fast AT ALL because I was planning on turning around (our highways have turnabouts probably every 3 miles or so).  Anyway, I was stuck and I had no idea what to do.  So I called 911 and they sent out a deputy who tried to help me, but I was way TOO stuck, so we called a tow truck and he had to pull me out.  One hour (and 40 dollars) later I was turned around.  I decided to go ahead and get the babysitter anyway but about halfway there my gaslight went on.  I was so upset/stressed that I just decided to forget the whole thing and cancelled.  By the time I got home I was so upset and literally bawling my eyes out (a rarity for me).  We had ordered a pizza for the babysitter, so after calming me down, Adam went and picked it up.  While out, he stopped and got me some beautiful little roses that I love so much.  We ate the entire pizza (one of those large “take n’ bakes” from Papa Murphy’s…so delicious) and watched Spider-man 3.  The night was stressful, but turned out okay in the end.     My little Megan was so sweet to me when I got home from the whole ordeal.  I don’t know if she has ever seen me cry before and she would not leave my side. She climbed up on my lap and just kept smiling at me and hugging my neck.  She also loved my roses:


 So….other than that…Adam had his finals on Friday and they seemed to go okay.  It’s really hard to tell how he did this semester.  Things are VERY different from BYU.  He still hasn’t finished the big project that was due/postponed.  It WILL be done by Monday.  Make no mistake about that.

   Adam and I are both really excited about Christmas.  I think I have finally matured enough to really appreciate the real meaning of Christmas and I have really been trying to think about Christ’s birth and focus on the Savior.  I can’t wait to go home and be with family and experience all the special Christmas traditions.    

      So I never posted pictures on Picasa from last week, so I will post them with this week’s pictures.  We did a little photo shoot with Megan in one of her Christmas dresses, so be sure to check them out.  I guess that’s all for now…until next year 🙂

Tiny Little Climber



       It really is no exaggeration to say that Megan is a little monster.  I mean that in a good way.  She is SO BUSY all the time.  And it really is SO much fun.  I love that she has a little mischievous personality.  I love that she tries to be funny on purpose.  I love that she walks around the house backwards watching her shadow.  I love that she likes to put buckets and laundry baskets on her head and walk around until she crashes into things.  I love how she is all over the place and has a ton of energy…


    So tonight she had a hard time going to sleep after we laid her down.  We could hear her in her room “yelling” to us and “talking” up a storm.  After almost an hour, I decided to go in and take her some ice water because she is teething and I know her teeth have been bothering her the last few nights.  I opened the door, and this is how I found her:




      I yelled to Adam (I wanted him to see it before she either fell or climbed back down) and he ran in.  He wanted so badly not to smile, but he couldn’t help it and we both started laughing.  I ran and got the camera and stood at the ready waiting for her to do it again.  Sure enough, she climbed right back up and made some pretty brilliant attempts at escaping.  Adam actually did have to catch her as she almost fell out onto the floor – proof that she could have made it out.     

     So we spent the next half hour adjusting the mattress height.  Megan was overjoyed to be out of her crib and ran around her room making a mess and reading her books.  The mattress is now at the lowest level, so the next time this happens she will be moved into a toddler bed.  What happened to my spell to keep her from growing up?  Looks like that one backfired.


Looking to move to Never-Never Land…


  This week is going to be a crazy one.            

     Adam has his final exams and final projects due which is never any fun.  We also have to get ready to go to Vegas – which is also never any fun.  Not the going to Vegas part, but the getting ready part.  I so do not like to pack and am always in a rush to get everything done.  The excitement of going home outweighs the stress though, so I think we will all survive.           

     This past week was SO busy.  Friday night was our ward’s Christmas party – which was actually just the presentation of “The Savior of the World”.  Adam did an EXCELLENT job portraying Joseph.  He sang so well, and was so handsome up on the stage.  He played the part after only 3 hours of sleep the night before, so that’s pretty impressive.  Also, 3 of Adam’s friends from school came to listen to the program – which was really nice.  I was so relieved that I was able to listen to him.  I am on the activities committee, and we were so strapped with assignments.  Megan was a little bit out of control, too.  She has never had such freedom while at church and she loved running every which way.  She had a great time though and would often to look up at the stage and say “daddy.”            

      Which reminds me – I was also asked to make some pies for the program.  I made my first “real” pie crust and it actually turned out pretty good…        

     Adam had a big, huge, fat project due today which he was working on ALL last week.  Last night the professor decided to extend the deadline, but Adam is still determined to get it done by today (or tomorrow).  So he is crazy busy.  He then has exams to study for which will be over on Friday.  Friday night we are leaving Megan with a sitter and going to a Christmas party which we are looking forward to.  Adam also has promised to take me out to dinner before we leave next week.  I am really looking forward to that.     

     We have a lot of snow now, but we’re actually enjoying it.  Megan loves to walk around and feel the snow crunch under her boots.  Adam is noticing a lot of animals tracks in the snow around the building and he’s having fun looking up pictures on the internet and figuring out just what creatures are around us at night.  So far he has determined that we have rabbits and raccoons.   He’s enjoying being our little tracker.     

     Yesterday Megan went to nursery for the first time.  She technically doesn’t turn 18 months until Dec. 26th, but in our ward they encourage you to bring them in 3 weeks early so you can “wean” them into it.  Basically the parents stay with them for the three weeks, slowly spending less time in there.  Megan had a great time.  She loved the toys and the change from Sunday school and priesthood.  She is SO TINY compared to the other kids.  Oh, and she is the ONLY girl.  There were probably 10 boys and Megan.  I don’t think another girl will be in there until March.  Adam stayed with her the whole time yesterday.  I went in to take a peek after I played the piano in relief society and my little heart was so sad to see her in there – looking all grown up.  Last night after she fell asleep I went in and cast a spell on her to stop her from growing anymore.  We’ll see how that goes.          

     Alright well I have a million things to do, so there is our weekly update.  I will post pictures later. 


All ready for her first Sunday in nursery…

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!


  Well, it’s officially Winter here in Iowa.  We have snow and ICE.  The ice is actually way worse than the snow.  Adam had choir practice yesterday at the church and by the time he arrived the car was covered in a blanket of sheer ice.  It took him a good 30 minutes to clear it off after practice.  Luckily we have a garage to park our car in.  I know that we are not even close to seeing the worst of the cold.  We are so looking forward to spending three weeks in Vegas over Christmas.  Then we’ll be coming back to the coldest winter of our life.  Ahhh well…what can you do?  I actually love that we are getting snow and it’s cold.  It definitely feels like Christmastime to me! 



 Adam only has one more week of class!!!  I can’t even believe how fast this semester went.  These next two weeks are going to be rough with finals and getting everything done, but after that we get an entire month off.  Halleluiah! 

   So I did my Christmas decorating before we left for Arkansas, and Megan is not a fan.  She especially doesn’t like the fact that I am using her “time-out” area for Christmas décor.  Below is a picture.  She throws the doll out of the chair every chance she gets (even if she is just passing by).  Santa usually doesn’t get thrown on the floor unless she is sitting in the chair, and then he has no chance.  She also likes to grab the baby Jesus and the camel from my porcelain nativity and bang them together (Jesus has already had his leg glued on once).  The thing is…I was ALWAYS playing with my mom’s nativities when I was little (and not so little, like last year…) For example: I would mix them up, or hide all the baby Jesus’ (my mom must have over 50 nativities so you can see how this was a little annoying for her), so I can’t very well tell Megan to stop.  I’ve decided to give in and let her play with them. 














  Most Sundays, Megan misses her nap.  Even though she is exhausted, she usually stays up until bedtime.  Today, however, she just couldn’t make it.  Adam was feeding her dinner right after church and after just a few bites, she was out.  This is the first time she has fallen asleep in her high chair.  She wasn’t out for long though, and when she woke up, she was so confused she started screaming.  We were able to calm her down and then afterwards she was high as a kite.  She was running around and laughing.  Apparently she just needed a 3 second powernap.




  Like I said, she was RUNNING all around the house.  Mostly she was running around the living room, but at one point Adam was in the kitchen and she decided to run to him.  She got only a few steps into the kitchen when she slipped and fell and bonked the back of her head.  I didn’t think it looked too bad, but Adam rushed and picked her up (she was screaming).  I hurried over and took her from Adam and she went silent, then “limp” then her eyes just sort of stared at us.  I blew in her face and we both said “Megan! Megan!” and she started crying again immediately.  I was NOT happy that this happened again. I am thinking that since Megan is so small, she runs out of breath quickly when she is screaming. Thus the reason she has had problems with “fainting” when she screams a lot after she’s hurt/scared.   She wasn’t as happy for the rest of the night, but she did cheer up some right before bed.  Poor thing was exhausted.  

     We’ll I’ve posted some pretty cute pictures from this week, including some which pertain to the stories above.  Check them out at picasa.  Bye.