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Creature of Habit


Since the day Megan was born, we have been very routine with her in many aspects. Sure, there are variations from day to day, but our day usually follows the same routine as far as the main things are concerned (meals, naps, bath, bed, etc.) I think that this has been a great benefit to Megan. I imagine that she is happier when she knows what to expect.

Sometimes, I can see how this routine way of life can have some negative results. For example, I can’t throw in the slightest variations of Megan’s favorite songs (for example, Old McDonald has a cow, a horse, and a pig…in that order OR Megan’s books have to be put away in their exact spots.) Sometimes this can be really frustrating, for both of us, because I can’t remember the exact way she wants things done, and she gets upset about it.

So today they announced in Sacrament meeting that Megan’s nursery would be meeting in a new room. Honestly, I didn’t think anything about it. As I led her to the new room, she started crying and pulling me in the direction of the old room. I just figured she would be satisfied once she saw all the toys and kids in the new room. She was only a little hesitant to let me leave, but I was able to leave her. Not five minutes later, I was sitting in Sunday School when I hear my Megan’s distinct cry out in the hall. She was SO upset. I calmed her down and told her we were going back to nursery. I ended up staying with her the entire time, because she was obviously having a hard time with the room change. By the end though, she was her happy cute self. When church was over though, she still wanted to go to her old room. We may have to slowly wean her into the new room.

I don’t regret choosing to ensure that Megan’s life is very routine, but I wonder what will happen when her life is turned upside down by baby number two. Today’s incident is just a HUGE reminder that I need to remember to help things be as routine as possible come November. Looks like our little guy is going to have a routine life as well!! 🙂

A Surprising Success


I guess I had heard so many negative stories about transitioning a child from a crib to a toddler bed that I fully expected it to be a trial when the time came for Megan to move.

Well…the transition has been a very smooth one in this house. Megan still lies awake and talks or sings for about an hour each night, but she stays in her bed, and falls asleep after the same amount of time it took her to fall asleep in her crib. She doesn’t even get up to play or anything. The very first night, she enjoyed her freedom thoroughly by destroying her bedroom, but since then…she just goes to bed.

She is such a funny girl though. Each night, we lay her down and tell her goodnight. Then we leave her door open just a crack. We give her three chances to stay in her room with the door open before we shut it. Well, I think she couldn’t care less if the door is open or closed, but she LOVES to utilize those three chances (all in about 45 seconds time). The first time we lie her down and leave, she immediately runs to the door, knocks, and runs out laughing her head off.

Then she says (in a perfect imitation of Mommy and Daddy): “Megan, that’s one. Go lay down”. She runs back into her room and throws herself onto her bed. We close the door, and she immediately gets up, runs to the door, knocks, and again runs out laughing her head off. She then says: “Megan, that’s two. Go to sleep.” The third time, she runs out, manically laughing and says: “Megan, that’s three. Door closed.” We close the door all the way and she settles in for the night. I think it took her two nights to completely memorize our script. I think it’s hilarious, and usually watch as daddy ushers her back to her room each time. Otherwise, she might see me laughing my head off.

Helping Hands


Adam spent all day Saturday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa . Cedar Rapids was hit hard by flooding in June of this year, and The Church has sent 26,000 cleaning kits and 15,000 hygiene kits as well as has set up a relief warehouse filled with wheelbarrows, shovels and work clothes in order to help the people in Cedar Rapids. The flooding left thousands of people homeless, so members of the church in our area have been asked to travel to Cedar Rapids (which is about two hours away) to help with a huge clean-up and renovation effort.

Adam has honestly just been waiting and waiting for the assignment to finally hit our ward, because he has really wanted to help. When the assignment finally came, Adam was a little disappointed to learn that he would be missing the first BYU game, but that didn’t effect his decision to go in the slightest. He actually arrived home in time for the second half. He is watching the rebroadcast of the first half as I write this.

I can only imagine how disgusting the clean-up project was. Adam was so glad he went though. He said that people who drove by the home they were working on would honk and give a thumbs up. They surely recognized the yellow “helping hands” shirts, and probably had received their own aid as well. Adam was so happy to be representing The Church in this service project. Any of you who know Adam, know that his love of BYU football comes second only to his love of Megan and me (okay, a little exaggeration). He is such a great example to me of selfless sacrifice.



So I am 6 months pregnant now. I can’t believe I am only 6 months. EVERYBODY who asks how far along I am says: “Oh, you look great. I can’t believe you are only 6 months.”


I am so big. Maybe my belly is not huge, but the rest of me is. There is no denying it. BUT I promised that I wouldn’t care about how big I got, and I would still post a picture each month.

Stupid promise maker.

I had several glorious weeks without sciatica pain. So on Saturday I thought it would be a great day to get active since I haven’t been able to do a lot of physical activity this whole time (thus the reason I am huge. Not sure if I mentioned that I am huge). So I took Megan to a BIG park and walked from one end to the other several times. When we left, there was an unwanted acquaintance waiting for me in the car: my sciatica pain, rearing its ugly head again.

So I am probably just going to get huge-er. But those of you who want to tell me that I look great and that you can hardly believe I am already six months along…you go right ahead. I may not believe you, but it’s still nice to hear!!! Oh, and it helps that I am 5 feet 9 inches tall: THANK GOODNESS.

Congratulations Are In Order!!


My sister Sarah is expecting baby number three! We are so excited for her!

Megan has 9 cousins that were born within a year of her (I include Marshall and Isabelle because Marshall is really a year and one week younger then Megan and Isabelle is a year and 4 weeks younger). So far our little guy will have 3 cousins that are within a year of his age. I know that my nieces and nephews just have such a great time when we are all together, and they all just really love each other. I look forward to these fun times for my children as well.

Baby Vidal makes grand baby number 16 for my mom. Way to go CJ!