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We Have an ELEVEN Year Old!!!


Miss Megan is 11!_MG_4459

Megan is such an awesome girl. She is so strong and so brave and so smart and so beautiful and so wonderful. We love this girl SO MUCH!

We kicked off Megan’s birthday celebration with a mom and daughter date to the Grammy Museum. The museum is about 2 minutes from our house but we hadn’t yet checked it out. Megan’s birthday was the perfect opportunity. Megan had a BLAST. The big showcase was Taylor Swift and we are big TSwift fans around here!


The next day Adam took Megan on a daddy daughter activity to go swimming at the University. Megan LOVES swimming and she had a great time.


Megan woke up on her birthday morning to a door full of balloons. She thought all she wanted for her birthday was books, but Adam and I also got her a ukulele. It was love at first sight and tuning is a breeze since she has perfect pitch. I can’t wait to see how she takes to this new instrument. I am sure she will be AWESOME.IMG_1738IMG_4911_MG_4930_MG_4924

Megan doesn’t much care for cake so we got an ice cream cake. This girl is awesome sauce. She hasn’t been dealt the easiest hand of cards in life but she shows up and throws down and kicks tail and takes names. I love her guts and am so proud to be her mom.


Charlotte is 2!


Our sweet Charlotte is 2!IMG_1672

This girl is just wonderful. She is smart and sweet and independent and beautiful. She is so fun. We love having her in our family.


Charlotte has a pretty spunky personality. She can be super mischievous and ornery and a little bit of a punk. But we wouldn’t have her any other way! She is just so cute and sweet.

She LOVES to sing. She can pick up the lyrics of songs immediately. She also loves to dance and spin and run around like crazy!

I weaned Charlotte shortly before her 2nd birthday. She was nursing pretty much on demand and multiple times throughout the night. I was ready to be done and she wasn’t. We went cold turkey and she handled it much better than I ever would have thought possible. I know that it was a huge tender mercy. She still sleeps in our room, mostly on a toddler mattress on the floor but often climbs into bed with mom and dad as well. The plan is to move her in with Jane early Fall. Fingers crossed!


She loves to be outside and has no problem getting down and dirty. If anyone is going anywhere, she wants to go with them. She loves being out and about for the most menial of errands. Her favorite thing is when the entire family heads out to do something together.


We sure love our sweet girl. She is beautiful and smart and fun and we are excited to watch her grow over the next year!