Monthly Archives: July 2016

Reunited and it feels SO GOOD!


Adam found us a house and the closing date has arrived!


Adam flew out to Vegas from Mississippi to load up our family and our moving van. The children were SOOOOOO EXCITED to see their daddy! It had been almost exactly 10 weeks since he headed out to Mississippi without us.20160728_135319Of course I was so happy to be together again as well. I rely on Adam so much to help with the children, especially as I continue to deal with severe back pain. It was a long summer for me. My family helped a lot, but nothing compares to having your other half around. And then there was of course the stress of finding a place to live and starting a new job and being 1500  miles away…anyway, so glad to be together again! Charlotte especially could not stop looking at her long lost daddy! Any concerns we had about whether she would remember him were totally unwarranted.20160728_135553




Now it’s off to our new adventure in Mississippi!