Monthly Archives: January 2008

Welcome to the World, Kyle!


Yesterday Megan got a new cousin! 

Adam’s sister Cyndi gave birth to baby number seven, Kyle Joseph Moyes.  Everything went really well, and both baby and mama are doing just fine.  He was 8lbs13oz and 21 inches long.  Congratulations Cyndi and Les, and welcome to our family, Kyle!

Hello, GoodBuy


So usually when I go to Target, I don’t check out the children’s clothes.  Megan already has more than enough, so despite the fact that Target usually has pretty good clearance prices, I still don’t even look. 

Today, however, I was enjoying wandering around the entire store and decided to make a stop in the children’s clothing section.  I am so glad I did!  One thing that is hard to find for Megan is jeans that actually fit her.  Megan is tiny (I’m talking not even 19 lbs) so jeans are either too long or, more often, way to large for her little waist.  Well, I was so excited to discover that they had the cutest little bootcut jeans for 3 dollars.  After sizing them up, I decided to go with the 12 month ones for my 19 month old.

Once I got home, I immediately tried them on Megan and was sadly disappointed.  They were so cute on her, but sure enough, they slipped right off her waist.  I took them off of her and then I noticed that the inside had an “expandable” waist so you can loosen them to make them bigger or tighten them to make them smaller!  I had seen jeans with this before, but hadn’t ever thought to give them a try.  So I tightened them about three notches and put them on her.  They fit perfectly!  Thanks Oshkosh B’ Gosh!  You made my (our) day 🙂




Adam and I have been counting down to Season 4 of “Lost” for…oh, I don’t know, FOREVER! I was so excited a few weeks ago to see the following billboard right here in Ames: 


For those of you who aren’t “LOST” savvy…this is the fictional airline from “LOST”.  Anyway, Adam and I really do not watch very much TV, but we are so hooked on “LOST”.  It all started last Christmas when I was in Las Vegas.  I got there a few weeks before Adam, and my brother-in-law and sister were watching the 1st season on DVD.  I was immediately into it.  When we got back to Provo, I convinced Adam to rent the first season…and obviously the rest is history. 

So Adam and I have big plans for tomorrow night.  We are going to let Megan skip her nap and then we are putting her down at 7:00pm (or should I say 6:55) instead of 8:00 so we can sit back and enjoy the show (ha!  Where are our priorities?).   I don’t think either of us have ever anticipated a show like this before.  I may even make a cake for the occasion 🙂

Wait Your Turn, Mr. Mustachio


    On Sunday, Megan’s nursery leaders (who have a 2 year old boy) told us they were expecting another boy.  Adam is also their home teacher and he is going over there tomorrow night.  In effort to practice my cake decorating, and also to celebrate their good news, I spent the morning making them this cake.


    I just followed my book and I guess it turned out okay (it’s a baby in a buggy).  Looking at it now, I can see so many things I would have done differently to make it better.

    We’re supposed to “practice, practice, practice”. We’ll practice, practice, practice means a lot of cake…ugh.  I’m glad to have an excuse to give this one away. 

 Sorry Josh. 

Cake = Mortal Enemy


I think my cousin Josh was on to something when he suggested I fed-ex my cakes to him. 

So at my first cake decorating class, we were asked to bring a frosted cake to the next class (which was yesterday).  I frosted my cake (I was NOT happy with how it turned out) and brought it to class.  I seriously learned SO much and I was loving it, but we didn’t have time to do any of the actual decorating on our cake.  So I got home from class with an undecorated cake.  I didn’t want Adam to think I didn’t learn anything, so while he was getting Megan ready to go out to lunch, I quickly decorated the top of my cake.  Seriously, this took me less than 5 minutes.  I was going so fast trying to prove that I actually learned something – I can’t wait to see what I can do once I take my time and go slow 🙂


Adam still thought the cake looked great, but I mean you can tell that I was going super fast (I went slow on the outer circle, so you can see how it all would have looked if I had gone slow).  Anyway,  I can’t wait until I get a chance to really decorate a cake! 

 HOWEVER, having this cake in my home was NOT good news.  Yes, I ate a piece.  Okay, two pieces.  I am not looking forward to my weigh in on Tuesday