Monthly Archives: February 2008

Little Letter Lover


It’s hard to describe, but Megan has just really fallen in love with letters.  I haven’t pushed them on her at all, but I am REALLY trying to take advantage of her interest.  I try to find little ways to encourage her learning; such as buying her Alpha-Bit cookies and playing the “alphabet song” while we are in the car.   One great tool that Megan loves is Sesame Street’s “Keyboard-o-rama”.  This morning I was able to catch some of it on video:

There REALLY is nothing more fulfilling then seeing that we are actually teaching her something and she is capable of learning from us. 

I Keep Meaning to Mention…


I am sure you all have noticed Megan’s adorable little clippies.  They are handmade by my friend, Sarah, and they are just the most perfect clips.  She has a website where you can check them out.  She ships them SUPER fast and there are so many varieties to go with all your little one’s different outfits!  Personally, I have found that it is hard to find good quality clips that don’t cost a trillion dollars, and I totally LACK the craft skills it takes to make my own.  So for me, Sally’s Clippies are really the best option!  


Growing up :)


For the past while…alright, let’s be honest: FOR THE PAST 20 MONTHS, I have been struggling with Megan getting older and turning into a little girl instead of my little baby.  I don’t mean I was a whiny little cutesy mom pretending that I was sad my little girl was growing up;  I was SERIOUSLY not happy about it.  Yesterday that all changed.  She was SO much fun!  She was talking like crazy, and making me smile and laugh, and were having so much fun!!!  I couldn’t believe how happy she was making me.  We really just had a WONDERFUL day!  I would have to chalk it up as one of the top 10 days BEST days of my motherhood.  She REALLY made me fall in love with her all over again!



Goodbye Highchair


Megan has never been a really big fan of her highchair.  When we eat together, we pull her highchair over to the table.  You can tell she’s not exactly happy that she has to be in the highchair while we get to sit in the regular chairs.  The other night, Adam and I decided to let her sit with us at the table on a regular chair.  We have a really strong wooden salad bowl, and we flipped that over and let her sit on it.  SHE LOVED IT!  She was so excited.  She smiled and laughed while eating her spaghetti, and she even grabbed several carrots out of the salad and munched on them: without any persuasion from mom or dad!  It was a miracle! 

So I went out right away and bought a booster seat.  The highchair has been disassembled, and it’s now in the garage.  I am happy because it makes Megan happy, and also because I always thought the highchair was a little bit of an eyesore.  Plus, now there’s more room in my kitchen! Yea!


Have I Mentioned…


…that Megan loves to sort and organize things?  It is so hilarious the random things she does.  The other morning, as I was putting away groceries, Megan was hanging out in the kitchen with me playing in “Megan’s cupboard”.  So I usually just leave all the plastic grocery bags on the floor until I am all done and then I gather them all up.  Well, Megan grabbed one of the bags and did this:


Basically, she was taking items out of her cupboard (one by one) and placing them all ON the grocery bag.  She does things like this ALL the time!!!  I wonder what’s going on in that little head of hers…